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PPM is fully committed to, and supportive of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) as embodied in the Codes of Practice and the Scorecard published by the South African Department of Trade and Industry.

This commitment to BBBEE is premised on PPM’s desire to develop people and create an empowered environment where the potential of each and every person can be realised. One of PPM’s founding principles is that we “Use the organisation to build people rather than use people to build the organisation”.

As a relatively young company PPM was formally accredited for the first time based on the 2009 audited financial statement. The accreditation process has been repeated for subsequent years.

  • Rating obtained based on 2009 audited financial statement: Level 8
  • Rating obtained based on 2010 audited financial statement: Level 7
  • Rating obtained based on 2011 audited financial statement: Level 6

Current scores in the defined domains of the Scorecard are:

  • Employment Equity 55%
  • Skills Development 43%
  • Preferential Procurement 60%
  • Enterprise Development 100%
  • Socio-economic Development 100%

In alignment with PPM’s vision of a mining industry where development takes place that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, Enterprise and Socio-economic Development contributions exceed the compliance targets. True commitment is about more than amounts and percentages, it is a passion for the continued involvement in the development of individuals.

A summary of some of PPM's past initiatives(see the News blog for current updates):

  • Full tuition and accommodation bursary for a previously disadvantaged female at a secondary school and full tuition for another previously disadvantaged female at secondary school
  • An annual university student vacation employment program that places 3rd and 4th year previously disadvantaged students in vacation employment with PPM as well as with our technical partners and clients
  • Support of a public high school located close to the PPM offices with involvement in their science program and sponsorship of prizes for their annual science expo
  • Support of a full time volunteer working for a registered NGO focussed on caring for abandoned babies whilst placing them in adoption homes
  • Support of 3 small emerging businesses created by individual previously disadvantaged entrepreneurs, two of which are female
  • Support of 2 NGOs which focuses on entrepreneurial training and micro-lending.